A Very special 'thanks' to our private donors.  these individuals and families have donated in order to sponsor one or more veterans for our annual retreats.  your patriotism is unmatched and we could not FACILITATE this program without your support.  Thank you for assisting us in providing voyages of healing for the mind, body and soul.



Mr. and mrs. vern van de loo

the van de loo family have GENEROUSLY supported and funded 2 veterans each year since our program started.  this family understands the importance of spiritual health in conjunction with mental and physical well being.  as members of the grove, we are truly GRATEFUL for their support and efforts each year as we work towards spiritual healing of our nation's veterans!

Ms. kathleen newgard

Kaki has become a second 'mom' to many of our staff and participants.  we are honored and proud to continue the legacy of her son, william newgard.  will served with the blue spaders during their harrowing deployment to baghdad from 06-08 which was highlighted in the book 'they fought for each other'.  each year, kaki has sponsored a participant, in honor of her son, that most closely reflects the same traits or qualities of will.  we are proud to connect the veterans selected under the 'will newgard' fund with kathleen each year as she supports veterns seeking healing within our program.

ms. neysa donato

donated in honor of wesley, Aaron, Owen, jake, and josh; ms. neysa donato has supported our veterans each year since deep sea valkyries began.  her dedication to this program is both humbling and honorable.  neysa recognizes the sacrifices made by our veteran community and we are honored to have her support. 

Mr. and mrs. robert watson

continuing into their third year, the watsons have shown yearly support to deep sea valkyries as one of our annual contributors.  recognizing the sacrifice demonstrated by our veterans, the watson's continue to provide MONTHLY support to our program and have been a time tested supported throghout our fouding years.  thank you so much!

mr. and mrs. mulder

new to our 2018 FUNDRAISING season, the mulders were introduced to our program by ms. neysa donato.  their dedication to our veterans allowed them to fund and support one of our 2018 valkyries.  in honor of Bob king, jim mccalum, and george fogg, the mulder's are sponsoring veterans seeking healing and FORGIVENESS.  we are both humbled and HONORED that the mulder's are contributing to our program this year in honor of their loved ones.  we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.