Deep Sea Valkyries


Unfortunately, many of our Veterans return home from deployments with wounds which are visible and serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by so few.  Yet the scars of battle are often hidden to all but the individual who is suffering and while they put on a good front, we know they are in need of healing as well.  These deployments often expose young men and women to the ugliest parts of this world during times which cannot be forgotten by those who have experienced them.  It is in this shared experience by which we created Deep Sea Valkyries.

Deep Sea Valkyries’ mission is to provide Recreational SCUBA Diving training and facilitating live-aboard retreats for Veterans.  Dive training allows Veterans to experience those positive emotions and feelings they remember from their time of service, experiences that are often hard to replicate.  Our retreats are multi-purpose and do not require the Veteran to conduct dive training or to be a certified diver.  These retreats are conducted at locations from the California Coast to remote islands in the Pacific and Caribbean.  Staying on live-aboard boats, these charters include a range of full service amenities and provide an intimate experience for these Heroes.  Visit our
Voyages page to learn more on how you can apply to participate, nominate a hero for a voyage, or how to sponsor these heroes in their voyage of healing.  


Deep Sea Valkyries' mission is to enhance the lives of Veterans through the treatment of PTSD while introducing them to healthy recreational marine based activities.  Focusing on a holistic approach to healing, participants conduct group counseling sessions coupled with guided sea adventures and daily spiritual devotions.  Each of our Voyages offers healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul.