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  • Intro to SCUBA classes
  • Open-water certification
  • Advanced leadership certifications
  • Over a dozen SCUBA programs​
  • Partnership with local dive shop
  • Annual group trips
  • Veteran's Outreach Dive Program​

Neysa Grzywa

Rey Rios

Josh Grzywa

~ Our Philosophy ~


​With 2/3 of the Earth’s surface covered in water, more humans have visited the surface of the moon than the deepest parts of our oceans.  Deep Sea Marauders offers you the ability to “Sea, Dive, and Explore” these remote locations and visit places few have visited before.

Why Marauders?  As a Veteran owned company, Deep Sea Marauders pays tribute to those who came before us.  Famously known as Merrill's Marauders, these Soldiers from WWII were the precursor to the 75th Ranger Regiment.  Merrill's Marauders made history throughout the China Burma theater of World War II.  Today, as 
certified Instructors through the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) our primary focus is “Dive Safety through Education” which is more than NAUI’s motto; it is the philosophy behind our instruction and NAUI Worldwide.  Please visit our about us page to learn more about our team.

In addition to training and certifying SCUBA divers, Deep Sea Marauders fosters conservation awareness in order to ensure understanding of the impact humans can have on an environment far removed from their daily lives.  Deep Sea Marauders also sponsors a Veteran Outreach Program.  Please visit our
Valkyries to learn more about this program, the heroes we serve, and how you can assist us in supporting those who have given so much of themselves for this Nation.

Why certify through NAUI?  As a membership association, NAUI is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality instruction. NAUI standards, policies and ethics are governed by the Association’s Board of Directors, members themselves, who are elected through a democratic election process by the instructor membership.  Each certifying agency for recreational Scuba Diving has its benefits.  NAUI’s conservative approach to diving and educational philosophy dates back to 1959 and is considered the world leader in diver training and certification.  

Josh heads our Veteran's Outreach program, facilitates dive excursions, and is one of our instructors. He has been instructing for the last 3 years and is pursuing his tech diving cert.

Neysa is our Business Operations manager. She is not nearly the daredevil as her fellow marauders but loves exploring the ocean's wonders and is an advanced diver pursuing her master diver cert.

Rey is the Director of our dive training program and is also our lead instructor. He has almost 30 years experience in the dive industry from recreational to closed circuit tech diving.

Our Staff


​​Preparing you to experience the beauty and wonder hidden beneath the water’s surface while promoting dive safety through education and fostering conservation awareness.

  • Use of BCDs, Regs, Octos, and Gauges are included with many of our courses.
  • We proudly train with TUSA, Atomic, and Scuba-Pro equipment.
  • Mask/Fins/Snorkel available for purchase or rent with many programs.